No 1080p input from a computer? Blame DRM.

I get a better idea of what’s going on with trying to get a 1920×1080 signal from a computer to a TV in this article. From what I’m reading there, because of DRM, there might never be an HDTV that would do what I want. It seems like there is almost some kind of artificial size limitation for monitors/HDTVs with digital inputs. Apple can make a high resolution 30 inch display, but a TV manufacturer doesn’t dare make a larger 42 inch 1920×1080 HDTV. The comments section at the end of the article is interesting too…unless you have no interest in this issue…in which case you should carry on eating that curry…it’s getting cold on your desk there.

UPDATE: There still might be hope for 1080p PC inputs on TVs, as shown by this Olevia TV, which explicitly declares the input features in the specs.

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