Now I'm feelin' Disneyfied

On our trip, we went to Disneyland. They still had many of the old rides with a few revisions. Captain Nemo’s subs are now Finding Nemo subs. Pirates of the Caribbean has several Johnny Depps. There were still some of the movie rides that were made about 10 years ago, such as Honey I Shrunk the Audience and even Star Tours. Sean had a good time even though the Haunted Mansion broke down before we could get a second ride and the Indiana Jones ride broke down around midnight just before we got off and left. At one point, late at night, they had the impressive projection on water vapor “Fantasmic” on the river. Sean was sleeping on my back and was too sleepy to wake up for it. I guess rides do break down there, but the appearance of the rides is pretty good for their age. Despite ride breakdowns, Disney must put a lot of money into the park. There are little details like moving turtles at the top of the train rollercoaster that you might never see. All of the employees in the parades must cost a bundle…not to mention how many fireworks they use.

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