Old school hyphenating

I was reading a web page that was hyphenating words on the right margin for line wrapping.  It was really jarring.  Then I remembered this was a something that they used to teach that to us in school.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it much of anywhere.  With modern technology, it seems a pretty bad idea.  Having a flush right margin is not so important that it should cause you to stutter over these hyphenated words as you’re reading.

One thought on “Old school hyphenating”

  1. Or how about the diehards that still hit a hard carriage return half way through a sentence to force line breaks? I still scrub returns out of paragraphs from time to time.

    “No Grandpa, you can’t force the text bigger. Their email client can display it in whatever format they want… Yes they really might read this on a phone.”

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