One more time! Come on down and meet…

We recently went to my cousin’s wedding in San Diego. It reminded me of the wedding in Spy Kids where the couple parachuted from the balcony toward the seaÂ…except that the couple in this case didn’t parachute and went on a Mexican cruise instead.

The Pacific ocean is cold this time of year. I wasn’t going to boogie board until my cousin pulled out a boogie board and said, “let’s rock”. I was shivering for about an hour after that. As usual, I forgot swimming trunks and had to buy some on the trip. I have about four now.

The Imperial Sand Dunes outside of Yuma, AZ looked cool. Giant pristine dunes with people four-wheeling up the face of them. Tasty Greek food in the mall in Tucson.

Hotel tips: Never do a walk-in hotel if you’re trying to save money. A better deal is easily found on the internet. A funny trick would be to go into a hotel and use their lobby computer to find a good deal on a hotel in the area. Learn to use the waffle maker in the hotel breakfast room. (Pour a little cup of batter on the waffle iron, close it, turn it over. Wait for beep and turn it back over. Cut up some fruit to put on top of your waffle. It’s the best thing available in a “continental breakfast”.)

Our relatives let us borrow a GPS, which was very handy. It’s a great thing to lend to relatives while they’re visiting your area. We had ordered a GPS and it arrived while we were on the trip, of course. We went to Asmara, an Eritrean restaurant in San Diego. Very tasty. They bring out a platter of tasty stuff that you scoop up with a sort of sourdough-tasting rubbery bread. Eating with your hands is fun. I first heard of Eritrea during the Olympics. It’s next to Ethiopia.

The Zune Pass trial worked out well for the long road trip to California. A cute trick is to avoid syncing your Zune after it expires. The Zune doesn’t realize it’s expired. But I’ll have to sync once I’ve finished up these podcasts. Vanessa will be glad to have one song off of there that the Zune likes to play. She got annoyed enough with it in the car that she was doing a chorus count…which is outrageously high in this song.

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