One remote to rule them all

Did you know Amazon will refund the difference on something if they reduce the price within 30 days of you buying it (if you contact them)? Doesn’t apply to third-party sales, though.

This Harmony universal remote is $40 right now.

I really like it so far (well, after one day anyway). Once you have it set up, you have 3 buttons at the top. Watch a movie, watch TV, or listen to music. You press one of these buttons and it turns on all the devices needed for that activity. It really cuts down on the other remote controls lying around and makes it a lot easier to use everything. (I think we will change the Music button to Games and relabel it with a little sticker or something.)

It comes with online software to set it up on a PC. You enter your devices into the software and connect the remote to the PC and it programs it for you. One neat thing is that someone else could remotely log into your account to help you if you’re having problems, so it could be good for your parents.

Drawbacks of this particular remote: No RF (radio) controllingÂ…only infraredÂ…this means it can’t control your PS3, which is bluetooth. (This site will sell a $55 PS3 solution in April.) Also, if it gets confused about the state of a device, you have to press the help button and walk it through the status of things until it fixes it.

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