As an experiment, we used the points we got on our American Express card to get a couple of restaurant gift certificates to Olive Garden and California Pizza Kitchen. We got take-out menus from both places and ate out several times by calling ahead for pick-up and taking it home. No waiting, no overpriced drinks, no tip. Using this method, we were able to eat out three times on what it would normally cost us to go out once or twice. Another tip is to watch for restaurants that have lower prices during lunch and make sure you pick it up on Saturday lunch or whatever.

As far as the new California Pizza Kitchen here goes, their basic premise seems to be to take a tasty dish and put it on pizza. We tried their Greek pizza and Thai pizza. I think I’d rather have tasty pizza OR tasty Greek/Thai. But when you combine them, it kinda misses the point to me. It’s not bad though. We tried their regular pizza too, and it was good.

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