Operation: Garam Masala

Out of randomness, I decided to try cooking some Indian food this weekend. (Vanessa loves Indian food, so it seemed a good idea.) I asked a co-worker for advice and she sent me to this site with videos. After spending hours pitting cherries in my previous cooking mission, I decided “easy” would be the main goal in this one. I made palak paneer…a spiced spinach dish with chunks of cheese. It didn’t taste at all like the restaurant version. I think my use of frozen spinach was part of the problem. We also got frozen naan from the store that tasted like pita bread, and microwaveable Indian rice of some kinda that tasted very…microwaveable. We made chai that tasted fine and a coworker made aloo kurma that was quite tasty. (Garam masala is a common Indian mixture of spices.) Lesson learned: frozen spinach is inedible.

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