Orange you glad I didn't say…

Vanessa just got a board game called Bananagrams. Well, actually, it’s just a bunch of Scrabble-like tiles. Both players play simultaneously and independently, trying to use all their tiles to make a freeform crossword. When you use all your tiles, everybody has to draw another tile. If you can’t handle stress, this is a bad game for you. You can get badly behind and feel like Lucy Ricardo when she was working on that candy assembly line and falling so far behind that she was having to stuff candy into her mouth. It’s possibly a bit more fun than Scrabble because there’s no ten minute wait for someone (me) to take their turn. A minor annoyance is the self-marketing nature of the game. Players are supposed to say Banana(tm)-related phrases as a part of play. “Split” to start. “Peel” to draw another tile. I assume it’s to make sure that any guests remember that the name of the game has something to do with bananas, so that they can be sure to buy it when they get home. Instead, say “start”, “next”, and “done”, and replace the banana game pouch with a normal bag. Fight the marketing! Wait a minuteĀ…I’ve just created a huge ad for them.

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