We took Sean swimming the and he really enjoyed it. He’s still in panic mode when you let him go in the water, but he’ll get used to the water with time. He sure didn’t wanna leave the pool. Thinking about swimming and a lot of other things in life, I was thinking about how much depends on suppressing your panic reflex. Panic in the water and you sputter and go down. Relax on your back and you’re fine. Want to snowboard? Tighten up and panic, and you’ll quickly fall. Relax, and your loose knees will absorb the blows. Want to get through a guitar videogame? Panic and you’ll fail as you hopelessly try to catch up. Relax, and let it skip a bit and get back on rhythm when you’re ready. I have a pretty big panic reaction if I allow it, but I’ve finally learned over time to just calm down (except when driving). Panicking never does any good. It removes any intelligence and destroys your reaction time. Besides, who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?

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