PC build, Googly things.

A new game was lagging, so I was able to do a new PC build.  The sweet spot in price/performance at the moment seems to be Intel i5/Nvidia 560 Ti.  It was held by AMD for quite a while…they’re not really that far apart, whatever the case.  It runs BF3 in 1920×1200 with pretty good detail.  The load times for Windows booting up and games loading from the SSD are pretty amazing.  Unfortunately, putting it right under the house thermostat means the house gets kinda cold…whether in winter or summer.  I probably need to move it.

One interesting thing I’ve been seeing is Google Cloud print…print your google docs on your home printer from anywhere…as long as you leave a PC on at home or your printer is one of a few that supports it natively.  Of course, I hate paper, so I don’t plan to use it, but it’s a neat idea.

I like the way Google Chrome syncs bookmarks to your account…but I guess I want different bookmarks at work than at home.  Had to disable syncing of bookmarks at work.

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