Please, take my budget.

I was looking at the Google Docs budget templates and didn’t quite like the look of any of them.  Most of the ones on the first page seem to make you add up things manually in a single category as you enter it.  For example, instead of entering “Taco Bell: $5, Steakhouse: $20”, you have to just enter “Eating out: $25”, which makes it a pain to enter something new.  Our budget  spreadsheet is more detail-oriented.  It has some kinda specific stuff for us, and could possibly use some generalization, but it might work for others.  You can try our budget template here .  I’d say the hardest of budgeting is getting started, followed by saving receipts and remembering to enter them.  Once you get into the habit, it’s great to be able to plan stuff out instead of flying by the seat of your pants and having lots of oops moments.

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