Prying keys, unhandyman

I recently gave a little presentation at work about cleaning your computer keyboard. You can pry off the small keys and pop them back in, but you may want to avoid the larger keys, because they sometimes have small clips on them that can break or springs that are a pain to handle. Also, don’t pry off keys on a notebook computer or compact keyboard. If you want to try it, pry off the scroll lock or pause key, because they’re almost never used. The gunk under there is pretty amazing.

It was a somewhat busy weekend. I took Sean for a nice little hike in the forest in the Sandias. I tried to keep it interesting for him by letting him choose which way to go at forks in the trail. Also made sure he had lots of sticks and rocks to play with, because that’s what it’s all about for him. We replaced another leaky lever toilet float with an elevator float. Seems like there’s less to go wrong with the elevator ones, but time will tell. In the process, the toilet tank lid was broken and we must needs find a replacement. Went to a bible study at some friends’ house, which we hadn’t done in a while. They’re trying to do it about every two weeks and all are welcome. We mounted the TV on the wall. While trying to screw into a wall stud, our drill smoked a bit. That can’t be good. We’re hoping we don’t hear a big crash during the night as the TV falls off the wall. Reinstalled Windows for someone and am starting another reinstallation for someone else. It’s the number one hit for Windows machines that have become slow and crusty! On a name-brand PC, this is usually how it goes: 1. backup documents/pictures/mp3s 2. Boot the computer and use the Restore option (often F10) 3. Reinstall Windows. 4. Let Windows update itself all day on the internet, babysitting it to accept user agreements and reboot every hour or so.

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