PSP video RSS feeds

I’ve been trying out video RSS feeds on the PSP. There aren’t many out there that actually work. Basically, anything that would go on iTunes for a video iPod would work on a PSP with a newer firmware. (If you upgrade your firmware, be sure to use a custom firmware that keeps you in control of the device, rather than Sony.) But, you won’t be using iTunes, so the video podcasting website has to provide a plain XML version of the video RSS feed. Here is the only one I’ve found! (Cranky Geeks) Actually, here’s one for DL.TV. Ah, here’s one for Those with m4v files don’t seem to work, which is kinda silly. You can just rename an m4v file to mp4 and put it in your PSP’s VIDEO folder and it will play. (Mind you, they have to be in a resolution the PSP likes, like 320×240.)
UPDATE: More PSP RSS video feeds. indigital and rocketboom and Make Magazine

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