purse accident, without a pilot, long mp3s on Zune

I accidentally killed Vanessa’s purse by putting unsecured sunscreen in a backpack with it this weekend on a hiking trip. This is the second purse I’ve killed. I accidentally dumped Hawaiian punch into one at a movie a while back. She has a very hardened shell purse now and we were joking one day I’ll accidentally kill it too…perhaps in a freak spear accident.

I re-lit the pilot light, which had somehow gone out yesterday. Rather a bit scary. You don’t want some massive explosion. Anyway, just watch for the smell of gas would be my lesson. No gas smelled. Vanessa researched it and said that a thermocoupler does not allow gas to flow when the pilot light is off. If the thermocoupler fails, no gas can flow anyway.

I figured out how to listen to long recorded radio shows on the Zune. They don’t work well as songs because songs don’t support resuming. You have to turn them into podcasts. So, I put them in a manual podcast directory and point TVersity at the directory. Then I use TVersity to get the URL of the podcast on my machine and point the Zune software at it. This technique might also work for audiobooks, but getting the right play order could be complicated. A warning on this…the Zune seems to have some bugs when rewinding or fast-forwarding a long mp3. You rewind a bit and find yourself going back 15 minutes. The time code shown seems to lie and get confused. Then you get to the end of the time shown for the mp3 and it keeps playing beyond 0 minutes left.

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