Rapid Ride wifi is a bust

I got on a Rapid Ride bus this morning. Wifi internet did not work. That doesn’t even surprise me anymore. There seem to be only one or two buses that it actually works on. It’s a bit sad because of all the tax money spent on it that it doesn’t actually work, for the most part. Not that it even matters in the long run, because I’ve never seen anyone else actually try to use it. That is one thing that amazes me about people. You can answer almost any trivial question in about 30 seconds on the internet, yet, there are many many people out there who do not care. They are not interested in touching a computer. They may never use an ATM. They are not interested in doing anything technical at all. Or, they may have a computer but only do email. It’d be like owning a hammer and only pulling nails with it. I am amazed at this point of view, yet, that’s the way it is. When I talk to an older relative about computers, I usually just say that if you’ve gotten along without a computer up to this point, then there’s probably no big reason for you to bother. They do some very cool things, but are not essential.

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