real-time strategy turns to turn-based

The big work project seems to have gone well, which is a relief.

I played through the Supreme Commander demo. It’s a new real-time strategy game. Novel features are that you can zoom all the way out like google earth and control units as little dots if you want. It also supports two monitors…maybe one for high-level map and other for close-up. Once you get a lot of units on the map, even a medium speed computer will show it as a slide show. I eventually gave up in slow frustration. Prolly need a dual core and Nvidia 8800 or something.

I got Metal Gear Solid Portable for PSP. They seem to like to do cute external features in their games…making you do something in the real world. In a previous game in the series, they had you put the controller on the floor and it scooted on the floor using the controller’s rumble. This one allows you to recruit people for your team by scanning wireless internet points around you in the real world. I collected several on the bus this morning as it drove along. When I first started up the game after buying it, I kept pressing X to start. It would just return to the title screen. After doing this 5 times, I finally realized it has the reverse Japanese-style Playstation control. X is O and O is X. 🙁

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