remote in disharmony

Don’t read this entry unless you’ve googled to itÂ…otherwise, you risk being extremely disinterested. If you’re trying to USB sync a Harmony remote and get an error like this at 3%:
Activity2::Type mismatch(13)Context: HarmonyRemote=Harmony659, ConfiguratorName=Watch TV
There is some chance it’s because the Harmony software doesn’t like a “-” used in a favorite channel (even though the FAQ claims it does). Instead, use a “.” to enter digital channels, like 4.1 instead of 4-1. This is in version 7.4.3 of their software.

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  1. Thanks for posting this.
    Exactly my problem with a Harmony 676 and software version 7.5.0
    Yours is the only reference to the correct solution that I have found.

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