Return of the ghetto media PC, Because you don't have time for commercials

I’ve managed to revive my super-ghetto media PC connected to the HDTVÂ…not that a 3 GHz single core processor can even handle HD streaming via the web. But it still works ok with all the non-HD streaming video. Anyway, you may notice that in fullscreen mode isn’t too single-core friendly. To fix this, right-click on a playing video and change the Quality to low. Framerate goes up and you barely notice anyway.

What could be better than Adblock? Adblock Plus. It’s a Firefox plug-in that automatically blocks ads on the web. Just install it and subscribe to a filter site that keeps track of ad servers and they’ll be blocked. Sweet. Also, this guy has tips on blocking commercials using Adblock Plus. I’m sure they’ll find more subtle ways to advertise. Now excuse me while I drink this nice, refreshing bottle of Sriracha.

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