Rock Band 3 MIDI keyboard

My MIDI keyboard adapter for Rock Band 3 arrived yesterday, so we tried it out with my cousin who’s visiting and knows how to play some keyboards.  (I don’t know how to play myself, but hope to learn something with this.)  We brought my Yamaha keyboard down to the living room…it’s getting crowded down there.  Playing keyboards in the game is hard as you have no point of reference for your fingers.  I might need to put some colored stickers on the keys or some kinda bumpy thing so that my fingers know the current position without looking.  The MIDI adapter can be clipped to your belt and has an overdrive button on the corner that I guess you could push if you weren’t too busy trying to find the keys.  There are a bunch of tutorials in the game that I plan to go through when I have a chance.  We just jumped into pro keyboard easy mode and were able to at least find some of the notes.  You’re playing the right-hand part of songs only.  A couple of problems with keyboard mode are that they couldn’t fit the span of the keyboard on the display so they have to shift it over sometimes, making you lose your place.  Also, if you try to play keyboard with 2 guitars, it goes into a lame “all instruments mode” that doesn’t score vocals.  Overall though, I think it’s great that they made the idea of learning an instrument a fun thing.

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