Rod Torfulson's Rock Band Armada featuring Herman Menderchuck

We got a game with drums, ’cause I always wanted to do this.

What have I learned? Drumming is hard! Coordinating between two hands and a kick pedal to keep the rhythm is tough! This game could teach you something about drumming and maybe improve your singing a bit. The guitar might improve coordination between your hands a bit, but that’s it. Anyway, they’re getting closer to a game that actually teaches you something useful and keeps it fun. The thing this game does best is to give you the feeling of what it might be like to be a good musician. I guess it’s similar to playing an NBA videogame instead of spending thousands of hours practicing basketball and still not getting into the NBA. Its other forte is to let you cooperate with your friends in a fun way. In case you have a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell, it lets you slap the mic against your hand as a cowbell in a couple of songs. I bought a few additional songs so we’d have some we actually want to play. It allows you to sing at lower octaves, in case you can’t match Kate Pierson in Roam. Drawbacks: to earn a tour bus, unlock songs, and progress your band in the game, you have to sing songs that the game picks, which are unpleasant. You can turn the game vocals all the way down using the joystick and make up your own, as long as you’re on pitch. But you have to learn the vocal melody if you’re going to do that. And you go to all this trouble to give your character a certain look for your band and they fill in the rest of the band with people who don’t fit in at all. Vanessa and I came up with happy, nerdy looking characters and spent half an hour costuming them and the game randomly filled in our band with Evil Grayscale Clown King Who Probably Hates Everyone. It’s kinda funny to see him singing a happy song like Monkees – Last Train to Clarksville.

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