Samsung Intensity custom ringtones

For those googling it, you can put custom ringtones on your Samsung Intensity by converting the mp3 to a .amr file. (Thanks for the mp3 ringtone lockdown, Verizon.) Anyway, go to and convert the mp3 and download it to the my_ringtones folder of your phone’s memory card (assuming you have a memory card.) You can then select it as a ringtone. (You could also use the newest Audacity beta and export to .amr file with the ffmpeg plugin.)

UPDATE:  Unfortunately, the .amr ringtones turn out so quiet when someone actually calls you, that I found them unusable as ringtones.  Funny how the phone’s built-in mp3 ringtones are plenty loud…almost as though they’re decreasing the volume on custom ringtones to make them useless.  Anyway, if the .amr is too quiet when you play it, you’ll have to email it as an mp3 to your phone. Email the mp3 to  I had much better luck with this method.  Yes, Verizon will charge you about $.20 to send a file.  That was their ultimate goal I guess.  Thanks again, Verizon!

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  1. Thank You so much for this reliable piece of information. I’ve been trying to put songs on my phone all day and it would not let me…

  2. Once you crop the media file to less than 30 seconds, send it to your phone in a text message. Then from within the text message, save the file as a ringtone. The volume works great now! I saved the cropped media file as a wav file, but others may work just as well.

  3. hey thanks for the info and there is another thing you could do you can bluetooth it to your phone with either a computer that has bluetooth or someone elses phone if they have a ringtone on their phone that you want

  4. Ok I’ve found a better solution without paying Verizon 20 cents to send an email to your phone as well as having the volume the same/correct volume.

    Go to the media changing website Nathan suggested above and browse for the file you want to use.

    Change the output file to a PureVoice File (.qcp) and convert the mp3 or whatever the file originally was.

    Open up your card on your computer and navigate to the “my_sounds” folder and copy the converted file to there.

    Insert the card back into the phone and navigate to “My Sounds” in the Media Center tab. In there you should find your files and you can set them as your ringtone or whatever else at the same volume. This worked for me so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for you.

    I figured that since you can set your sounds to be a ringtone as well, I guessed that why not try to convert to the file that the sounds are saved as. And it worked! Enjoy your full volume rintones!

    I was just wondering if there was a way to improve the quality of the sound or if thats just the nature of the speaker in the phone.

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