shameless product placement: shoes

I sometimes mention products that have failed badly.  Allow me to mention a couple that have stood the test of time.

For dress shoes, try Doc Marten 8053 Oxfords. They’re built like tanks.  I think I had a pair for about ten years.  They finally just started looking really scuffed, but were still structurally sound.  I got rid of them and got some cheap dress shoes that lasted a pitiful amount of time.  So, I’ve gotten another pair of these…they may last me until my death.

For athletic/hiking shoes, try Merrell.  I had a pair of Merrell hiking shoes that also lasted an astounding amount of time.  They were thick-soled and comfortable.  I recently got a cheap pair to replace them and it hasn’t worked out well.  I wore through to the plastic grid in the sole in no time.

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