As I was getting out of the car yesterday, I shocked my watch against the car. It seems to have ruined the display. So, be careful if you have a Timex Datalink watch. 🙁

According to the Datalink FAQ,

Q: My watch display has gone blank, but the Indiglo works and the watch still beeps. What’s wrong?
A: The watch may have sustained a zap from static electricity. Reset the watch by simultaneously pressing and holding for about 3 seconds the MODE, START/SPLIT, and INDIGLO buttons. If that does not reset the watch and restore the display, remove and reinsert (or replace) the battery. Make sure that the + side of the battery is facing up, and that the cover over the battery is reinstalled correctly. Also, make sure that the clamp holding the battery is properly secured. Finally, confirm that the case back is re-seated in the correct orientation.

The button reset didn’t work for me, but under some situations, the battery reset seemed to work. Unfortunately, I managed to lose both super-tiny battery holder screws and so I must go to get them replaced at the store. Spent an hour looking for those tiny things after dropping them. Genius. I believe that there is one minute screw embedded in the fibers of our carpet, and another beneath the keys of my keyboard.

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