so they loaded up the truck and went to Moriarty

I was curious where you could go near Albuquerque to buy and set off normal fireworks…as opposed to those sad little 4-foot fountains that are legal in Albuquerque.  As I recall my childhood, half the joy of fireworks was that they were loud, dangerous, and awesome.  According to this video, Moriarty is the place near Albuquerque for fireworks.  There are a couple of big fireworks stores there selling actual firecrackers, rockets, etc.  From what I can tell, they’re legal in Moriarty.  (Hey, they wouldn’t make laws that would destroy two large local businesses, would they?)  Of course, don’t bring such fireworks back into Albuquerque for legal reasons.

UPDATE:  Ah, I see that Moriarty will only allow you to set off fireworks in City Park.  Meh.

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