something about this bike

I was getting off the bus and went up to the front to get my bike off the rack. There were a few oddities about the bike, such as the gear levers being properly positioned. It wasn’t my bike. Someone must have had the exact same model and taken my bike. I gave my phone number to the bus driver in case anything turns up, but I doubt it will. So, getting the cheapest bike known to man paid off in that it wasn’t a big deal to lose the bike. And yet, it was also the cause of me losing the bike, since it’s a very common model. Anyway, I can’t recommend getting the absolute cheapest bike. I had to replace a warped tire and the brakes after I bought it. The gears were never properly aligned. Still, you don’t want to spend a lot on a bike you’re going to leave unattended on the front of the bus. And sitting near the front of the bus watching my bike like a hawk would defeat the purpose of riding the bus, where I can do other things.

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