Our site’s been hacked and you can’t even see it until you put on your Googgles. (See what I did there?) Search your site on Google for [site:yoursite.com biaxin]. (You can’t be a spammer without spamming for prescription drugs…you try to resist, but your script kiddie fingers impulsively type “cheap prescriptions!”) Anyway, this hack is like someone putting a big advertisement in the back window of your car that you can’t see and don’t even know is there. All they care about is that their links show up in google, making their site more popular. I guess running a somewhat older version of WordPress is like browsing with Internet Explorer 6…just a really bad idea, security-wise. So now, it seems I’ll have to be keeping up better with WordPress updates than I used to. I just updated three of them. Hopefully they’ve got some automation built into the updates now.

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