Star Trek actor re-use

I’m re-watching Deep Space 9 and noticed this guy as a character.  I looked him up because I know he’s been several different Star Trek characters…five, apparently.    Data’s mom (Fionnula Flanagan) has played three characters.  Anyway, it got me curious as to who has played the most characters in Star Trek.  The Star Trek wiki mentions five actors who’ve played seven characters each; Enterprise’s Degra guyDS9’s Brunt/Weyoun/Enterprise’s Shran guy, DS9’s General Martok guy, Enterprise’s Admiral Forest guy and DS9’s Kira’s dad guy.  Honorable mention to Babylon 5’s Lyta who played many uncredited Star Trek roles and was also a stunt woman.  Who knew?

One thought on “Star Trek actor re-use”

  1. I’ve also been watching DS9, introducing Ethan to it. It’s character development and writing stand the test of time. It was so underappreciated.

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