volleyfall, teh 1337 m0n1t0r

We played volleyball in the park yesterday after the evening service. Vanessa, me bruvah Ethan, and I were on the same team which was rather humorous, since Ethan and I can be rather clumsy. We had a pileup at the net at one point. Either I need to learn how to hit the ball correctly or perfect my slapping-frantically-at-the-ball method.

Hauled a Vizio GV47L home on a cart the other day. Vanessa mentions the ordeal of getting it home. It supports 1080p only through HDMI connections. Ironically, we don’t have anything 1080p to plug into it. The VGA input only goes up to 1360 x 768, but that’s all my computer can handle anyway. If you have a widescreen monitor and are looking for wallpapers, go to flickr and look through pictures tagged with 16:9. Most games don’t seem to support widescreen unless you edit config files or do other workarounds. It’s usually worth it, though. Rise of Nations, Ghost Recon, and Jedi Outcast are spiffy in widescreen. The best demo of HDTV (without buying a pricey bluray or HDDVD player or pricey cable packages) seems to be over-the-air network broadcasts. Yeah, just plug an antenna into it. Now, what to do with the old CRT TV that is about as heavy as a large calf*? We can’t really put it anywhere, for fear it would topple on the lad, so to craiglist it goes.

*large electronic sizes are compared to livestock. small electronics are checked to see how well they fit into the mouth

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  1. Do you still like your Vizio TV? We just have regular Dish Network with regular DVR so I’m not sure if it’s worth all the added expense of upgrading all the “stuff” – seems sad to have the “power” but nothing to put on it 🙂

  2. We get a few networks in HD through Comcast. We only have the most basic $10 Comcast cable. Our favorite HD channel is probably KNME 5-2. As you say, there isn’t a lot for us to really put on it that’s HD. I use it as my monitor and sometimes download HD video, but that’s not often. Widescreen DVDs benefit from the wider screen, so they are larger and easier to see. Computer games are fun in widescreen and a few PS2 games support it. They say you don’t benefit from 1080p until you get up near 70 inches, so I think one could easily make do with a 720p TV…although those might become more rare as things move to all 1080p.

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