That sounds like a good dea…WAIT-A-MINUTE!

A door-to-door guy from APX/Honeywell alarms came out and tried to sell us on free alarm installation. I made it clear up front that they probably couldn’t beat the $12 that NextAlarm charges. I really wanted to know what their final monthly monitoring service costs, but he was very evasive. Then he said $11. Sounded good! We went through his hour-long spiel and signup and then finally, at the end, he starts talking about $11 a WEEK. WAITAMINUTE! Game over. He also used all the car salesman tactics.

  • “I’m not trying to sell anything. I’m giving it away. (surprise $100 activation fee at the end of the spiel)
  • “Could we go somewhere where we can sit down?”
  • Giving you something to hold
  • Getting you to say “yes” to things. “Do you think that’s something that would benefit you?
  • “I need to call my manager.”
  • The fine print in the contract says you’ll show their advertisement (with a light!) for 60 months.

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