That's years of earbud experience talkin'.

A tip about earbuds. The #1 priority is comfort. For all-day use, only those earbuds that go into the ear canal are the most comfortable. You can wear them a very long time without any discomfort. (The fat earbuds that go outside the ear canal get uncomfortable pretty quickly.) The thing that really matters is that the rubber cushions are small enough for your ears. I’ve had the best luck with the smallest cushions I could find. Many earbuds come with cushions that are just too large and become uncomfortable pretty quickly. Full-size headphones sound good, but what’s the point if they get uncomfortable too quickly? The drawback of getting comfortable earbuds? They’re usually tiny and don’t sound very good. It’s usually a trade-off of comfort vs. sound. Now, if they could just make earbuds with a connector that lasts longer than a year.

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