the great outdoors…in Minecraft

After giving up on getting Minecraft working on an old computer and putting Sean on a faster machine, we had the Minecraft experience I was hoping for.  I started up a server and we both connected to it.  Sean’s only 6 and it’s a great game for that age.  We hunted cliffside rocks for coal to make torches because it was getting dark.   My cousin joined the server and started digging out a cave for the night as I made torches.  We showed Sean how to hunt pigs for ham.  We made it through the night just fine, and expanded the cave during the night.  None of the blocky monsters got in.  The next day, my cousin showed us how to make stone axes to chop down trees.  Building things is half the fun.  All of this in less than an hour.  Of course, we had the crashing of a beta program throughout this, but it’s still a good game.

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