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I went to get my ring resized last night at the mall. The finger on the left hand is apparently a size smaller than the one on the right hand. While at Coronado Mall, we ate at Spring Roll, a new Vietnamese place. Vietnamese at the mall…genius! The mall also had one of those Japanese-style huge crane games, but the prizes were kinda lame.

We went across the street to the new outdoor mall which is also right next to another dying mall. (Why do you put two or three malls across the street from each other?) They have a Sharper Image…basically Brookstone. There’s also a new Apple store. The front of the store didn’t say Apple because “everybody knows what the white apple symbol is.” The store is laid out to waste space like crazy. The same ipods are laid out 20 times. Same computer 20 times. But they were showing off their neato small gadgets and gigantic pretty LCDs. I thought it’d be amusing if I pulled out my Creative Zen Sleek Photo and said, “Look! Is like ipod!” But we figured they would tell me to leave and never come back and say, “Put him on the list!”

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