The Mac of bicycles, e-blu-cation (hrrr hrrr)

It sounds like single-speed bikes are becoming popular. Like the Mac with one mouse button, it’s a bike with one gear. No shifting. I suppose my mindset is fundamentally different. When I get a gadget or device, I try to learn everything about it to use it to its maximum potential. I learn all the hotkeys and shortcuts and how to use every little feature. (I’ve been giggling like a schoolgirl as I add pictures to the contacts on my cellphone.) On the other end of the spectrum are people who just want to use the thing intuitively. They don’t want to right-click, change gears, hot key, or bother with anything that isn’t obvious. Unfortunately, it seems a very slow process for many things to advance to a state of intuitive use. So I guess the trade-off is that I can use the device more fully now, but end up with useless knowledge when it becomes easier to use. If computers get to the point where they’re voice-controlled and don’t just say “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand that” to every voice command, you’ll be laughing at my shortcut key knowledge.

Speaking of unintuitive things, we’ve now watched a couple of blu-ray movies. Hoosiers and 8 Below. The quality is definitely better (of the picture, not the movies). Text is perfectly sharp. You seem to notice it most when you put in a normal DVD and see the difference. Disney is actually bothering to do a mall tour around the US to “educate” people about blu-ray. I can see see it now.
Joe Mallgoer: “Wow, that looks pretty good. How much are the players and movies?”
Disney presenter: “Players are $300-$600. Movies are $25.”
Joe Mallgoer: “Yeah, my $50 DVD player with my $15 DVDs will do just fine.”
Ironically, we’ve not bought a single game disc for our PS3 yet. I don’t even have time to play through all the demos I downloaded.

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