The Northwest Passage

I’d give real money to find a route from west-side Albuquerque to the east side when there is too much traffic on Paseo Del Norte.  As far as I can tell, it would involve an elaborate network of catapults and a ferry.  Usually, there is some little-known combination of side-streets that can get you through traffic, but there are very few routes across the river.

2 thoughts on “The Northwest Passage”

  1. Have you tried Montaño? Or it might be faster to drive up to Bernalillo and then to I-25…or I’ll install a teleport mechanism in your house.

  2. Tried Montano one day when it was backed up on Paseo…took even longer. I’ve learned to just stay the course on Paseo because no matter how slow it is, going around is even slower.

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