The Wiz

We are watching The Wiz. (We keep pausing it.) Vanessa says it makes her sleepy and she wonders why Stevie Wonder isn’t in it. I think it would be amusing if someone offered edits of musicals with the musical numbers removed. If any vital plot point was revealed in the musical number, a summary could be displayed in text. For example, in the Wiz, some bag lady sings a long-winded song about how they must go see the wiz. The text summary could simply say, “They must go to see the wiz.” What kind of musical would I actually like the music to? Hmm, a musical with really good music…that’d be different. Bit o’ Groove Armada, Kraftwerk, Public Image Limited, Joy Division. Yeah, ain’t gonna happen. A musical movie I did find more interesting was Head (the Monkees movie). It was one of those weird random movies with no real plot, but it had some pretty funny bits and a few good songs.

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