There is a bug that never goes out

Old 30 GB Zunes (mine included) are freezing on bootup todayÂ…probably something to do with this being the 366th day of the year. I’d pay $5 to see the Microsoft programmer feverishly looking through code right now to find the bug. As a programmer, it’s always so frustrating that there are many bugs for which we will never hear the technical details because it would be an embarassment to their company. Perish the thought that a company would reveal the details of a bug. I guess in these lawsuit-happy days, that would be akin to admitting liable fault of some kind. And beside all this, between the programmer and the user there is a great gulf fixed.

UPDATE: They said it was due to a driver for a piece of hardware that was only in the 30 GB Zunes. But I wanted to see the lines of code. Dream on. 🙂 Anyway, it’s fixed itself today.

UPDATE: Michael from work points out that you can see the actual code from the bug! Amazing! I never thought I’d see this. Maybe I just don’t read the right blogs.

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