This CD key looks familiar

I was looking for a game that would work with multiple players on older computers. I picked a game that was kinda old and at bargain bin prices and ordered 3 copies from the lowest price place on the net (Star Interactive). A mistake, I guess. Same CD key 3 times, so the game wouldn’t even properly work in multi-player. Yay! The CDs look real, so I don’t know what this little shop is trying to pull. It’s also annoying that game companies these days don’t allow you to use one copy of a game to allow multiple computers in your own home.

UPDATE: Reply from Star Interactive ( “We only have the one CD-Key. Please contact the publisherÂ’s technical support.”

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  1. Hey Nate, this is Dan, one of Vanessa’s cousin. I hope everyone’s doing well.

    I hope 2007 brings you and your family nothing but great times. Send my regards to the rest.

  2. We have been running some co-op games in network fashion. Nox is fun, and had the same issue you mentioned. The cd keys for nox were identical, still the multi play over lan worked fine. Sacrifice is very pretty, UPS quests galore. (Although it glitches quests and leaves things undone.) So far sacrifice is not very evil looking.

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