tongue splinter

We made a quick jaunt into the foothills near Tijeras the other day. Sean loves rock climbing. We found some prickly pear cactus fruits and tried eating a bit of it. They seem to be all seeds on the inside, but are quite sweet and tasty. It seems you would just put the seeds in your mouth to get off any tastiness and spit it back out. I got my first tongue splinter.

Sean made money from selling toys at the yard sale and was able to buy a lego set. It turned out to be a very complex set with complex instructions. I enjoyed putting it together, discovering the missing pieces that he and his cousin lost approximately one hour after opening the box. These smaller pieces hold together much tighter than the larger ones. Now I remember why our Legos had all those teeth marks when we were kids. Sean disassembled the model within 10 minutes after seeing it.

I bought the wacky Calling All Cars from the Playstation 3 store. A little game that pulls in four-player split screen, 1080p, and surround sound. Guess we’ll have to get adapters to use our PS2 controllers for another two players. Actually, I was just reading today that the upcoming PS3 controllers will have rumble in them. Better hold off on buying anything for now I guess.

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