trying the BF 1942 engineer gun

Vanessa and I went with our friend to the shooting range yesterday.  I’d never shot a gun before, aside from a BB gun.  I wouldn’t buy a gun, but it was fun to try them out.  We fired a .22 rifle, a WW II Mauser rifle, some kinda large .45 pistol, and a 30-06 rifle with scope.  The little .22 was like a BB gun.  The pistol seemed kinda shaky in the hands to me.  I prolly don’t have very steady hands.  The rifles had huge bang and kick…a surprise every time.  The best part I think was hitting a metal plate 200 yards away through a scope.  I was surprised that you can’t tell if you hit anything because of the kick of the gun.  Our friend said you don’t have to worry about the kick throwing you off because the bullet’s already left the gun at that point.  You usually have to have someone else tell you if you hit the target.

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