TV radiation

The FDA says that there is no danger from TV radiation in modern TVs. Certainly, it’d be better for you to go exercise or do something productive, instead of watching TV. Having said that, on with the paranoia! This wheat grass company says that you should grow wheat grass in front of that “highly radioactive” TV to absorb the radiation. “Doctor” Epp describes the dangers of “cyber radiation“. He has “two doctoral degrees, N.D. and D.M. ­­in Naturopractic and Metaphysics”. As with most doctors, he supplements his medical practice with website building. If you want total protection from all background radiation “Dr.” Blair (“Historian, Engineer, Minister, Educator & world renown Lecturer”) out of the goodness of his heart will sell you “the fantastic dio-mid”. He needs to get Dr. Epp to help him on his web design.
money-saving, whole area protecting device!­­

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