unlocked phone, nylon-eating zipper

We figured out how Mia unlocks Vanessa’s cell phone.  She opens the slider keyboard and then closes it.  Brilliant!  I think I got her hooked on cellphones already by putting The Presets – My People on there.  She loves to hold the phone and dance to it.

We ended up camping at Red Canyon in the Manzano mountains last weekend, since Jemez was closed due to fires.  It was  a nice time.  Walmart tents are made mainly to catch the zipper.  I am now an expert at unsticking zippers.  Pull the stuck cloth from the zipper as you pull it back and forth.  It only took us about 2 hours to set up the tent.  Yeah, we’re not handy.  Lessons learned:  Get your tent on level ground, clear the ground of ALL sharp/pointy sticks, pillows are nice.

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