Was it delicious or meh?

We ate dinner at Korean BBQ House on Central. We ate bulkalbi and kimbap. The bulkalbi were super-delicious grilled beef ribs. So so tasty. Unfortunately, it was served with a bunch of kimchee and pickled tofu and sprouts that seem to be an acquired taste. It seems you either love kimchee or you hate it. So, it was a combination of super-delicious and “I don’t like this so much”. Kimbap is the Korean version of sushi. It had beef instead of fish and the rolls were wider and flatter than sushi. They had some tasty sauce to dip it in. The restaurant is in the same room with another restaurant, Sushi and Sake, and owned by the same people. I wonder if you could get the bulkalbi and sushi at the same time? That’d be sweet!

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