We're only maki plans for nigiri

We took me bruvah and sistah to sushi last night for their birthdays. Sushi seems to come in a few main styles. One is maki…rolls with rice, seaweed, and a bit o’ fish or something. Not bad with plenty o’ wasabi (the main point of sushi if you ask me). The other is nigiri…hunks o’ raw fish on a little bit of rice…(it’s ok to use your fingers). These big chunks o’ raw fish are a bit much for me. We accidentally ordered a couple of combos that were, or course, mostly nigiri. Anyway, we soldiered through it aright except for the big chunks o’ squid. I dunno if it was raw or cooked, but the texture was…unforgettable. At the end of the meal, there was another lonely squid sushi on the plate that nobody would touch. Oh, there’s another style of sushi…sashimi…straight chunks o’ raw fish. Zoiks. So I must remember for the future…maki maki maki.

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