I got a refurbished Zune on the cheap. Vanessa inherited my other mp3 player. Impressions on the Zune so far: It’s pretty bulky for a modern mp3 player. I was trying to look up how to bookmark an mp3. Basically, you can’t! What kind of mp3 player can’t even do a bookmark! I went from a player with Rockbox that could bookmark entire playlists to one that could only bookmark individual mp3s to one that can’t bookmark at all. The downgrade cycle continues. You also can’t delete an mp3 from the player. It came with some music videos that I was going to watch later, but it became suspicious of me and insisted on erasing all old content before it would sync to my computer. I’m sure it was for my protection. That’s Microsoft…always looking out for the customer. Well, to make up for it, they have wireless music-sharing with other Zunes. You know, so you can trade music with all the other Zune owners…you know…all those Zunes you’ve seen people using. Just a reminder…never buy music from itunes (or Zune Marketplace (ha)) or any online music store unless you see the term “mp3”. An mp3 can be moved around with ease. You’re playing roulette with other formats that try to protect your own music from you or only play on certain players. I recommend the Amazon mp3 store or emusic. Although it seems you have to be careful of cheap re-recordings on emusic.

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