what it is we been doin'

We took a ride on the new Rail Runner commuter train from downtown Albuquerque to Bernalillo. We met my parents for supper and rode back. It gives you a tour of many back yards. I feel bad for the people near the train with the constant honking at every intersection. The train sways gently from side to side. There is even a bathroom (unlike the bus). The eventual cost for a one-way ride will be $2…although it’s free for the moment.

We went to me grandparents’ house the other day. They are turning a storage closet into a bathroom. Wish I was that handy.

We watched Trekkies the other day. Our favorite in the documentary was the teenager who enunciated everything carefully and sounded like Dan Akroyd in character. This documentary was something like 10 years ago, so hopefully he’s been able to live it down.

Yesterday, we hiked from the Sandia crest to the tram with Sean. We had him walk part of the way and carried him part of the way. His whine meter was turned to 100. We had to keep finding little ways of distracting him to keep him walking. And then eventually, we’d just carry him. Due to the recent high rainfall, there were many interesting types of mushrooms and fungus. Orange, red, puffballs, etc. Sean loved to poke the puffballs with sticks to watch the yellow powdery smoke drift up. “Fire? fire? more fire?”

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