What you see isn't what you get

restaurant.com was offering $25 gift certificates for $2. We got a couple for Rancher’s Club in Albuquerque. We figured. Hey, $4 for a fancy restaurant sounds good. Only AFTER you purchase the certificates are the full terms and conditions revealed. You have to spend at least $35 and can only use one gift certificate at a time with at least 2 people in your party. So it’s more like a $25 coupon than a gift certificate. We thought it was pretty naughty of them to reveal the conditions only after the purchase.

I bought a pair of $17 glasses from zennioptical.com. The temple arm length is supposedly 140 mm, just like my old glasses, but they are simply too short to go over my ears all the way. (I must have had my old glasses adjusted.) Hopefully, the same can be done for these. Anyway, zennioptical.com seems a good deal if you’re willing to take a risk. Just don’t spend too much there in case it doesn’t work out. I hear their customer service is almost non-existent. (What do you expect when their prices are so low?)

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