Where is TARDIS technology when you need it?

Vanessa is feeling the crowding of doing home school with 2 kids around.  Her computer desk is in the living room, which probably isn’t too convenient.  (Mine is in our closet.)  So, she has bigger house fever.  Thus, we begin the long process of preparing the house to sell.  I think we’d be trading location for size.  We’re at a pretty sweet location near the mountains right now.  We’d possibly be moving into the sea of houses on the west side of Albuquerque.  If you look at Google maps west of the river, it’s just a sea of brown houses.

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We must have some kinda city ordinance that declares brown as the official city color or something.  Anyway, we begin to clean in a way we never have before.  We’re pulling out sharp metal objects to clean up encrusted plumbing and so on.

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