Why Netflix Instant 4:3 doesn't take up 1920×1200

I called Netflix (the only way to get support…no email available). Anyway, I was calling about why the old Star Trek (4:3), on my 1920×1200 monitor doesn’t expand to the top and bottom of the screen, but leaves black borders. He said it’s a limitation of Silverlight, but that they’d fix it eventually. We’ll see. He said that they can only stream the video in a single resolution. To stream in multiple resolutions, he claimed Netflix would have to buy multiple licenses for the content. It seems to me like Silverlight could just scale the content, though.

One thought on “Why Netflix Instant 4:3 doesn't take up 1920×1200”

  1. I am having similar issues with Netflix. This is also present on Twilight Zone and Star Trek. Four black bars or a black border around the entire video. I am seeing this on my Roku set top connected to a CRT. Netflix Customer service told me they are aware of the issue because they are getting lots of calls 4th of July weekend and the engineers are looking in to it. Kind of sucks watching it in a little box on my screen. Hope they fix it soon.

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