Wile E. Coyote doesn't know how to throw a boomerang!

Sean’s Lola gave him a boomerang from the dollar store, so we took it to the park. I was thinking of getting him a boomerang from boomerangs.com, but this one worked fine. By the way, they throw boomerangs the wrong way in cartoons (like a frisbee). You’re supposed to throw it with a fast-spinning overhand at about a 45 degree angle with the top side pointed toward you. I was only able to catch it once. As with many toys, it turns out to be too hard for a 4-year-old to use properly, but he still really liked it. (He pretended he was Link from Zelda.) We lost it for a little while in the dead grass of the park. He was crying, but we found it. Have I ever mentioned what a great guy Sean is? He makes us laugh all the time. He does this spazzing-out thing that always cracks me up.

Ah yes, back to boomerangs. I remembered hearing something about the aborigines hunting with them, but I can’t imagine them being accurate enough, so I looked it up. A net could be put up between trees or thrown by hunters. The boomerang thrower could throw it in such a way that it would come around and rustle the tree, scaring birds into the net. Then there is the heavier hunting boomerang, which doesn’t come back. It’s just a heavy shaped throwing stick that could break the neck of an emu or legs of a kangaroo.

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