Windows 8: Half Windows, half iPad

Well, I tried it so you don’t have to.  I upgraded Sean’s machine from Windows XP to Windows 8 to try out the cheap $40 deal they have going on.  The most annoying part is that it assumes that because your old version of Windows was only 32-bit that you want the new version to be 32-bit.  Of course, you actually want the 64-bit version so that you can have more than 4 GB of memory if you want.  As far as actually using Windows 8, it’s snappy and responsive.  However, half the time it thinks it’s Windows and half the time it thinks it’s an iPad.  You switch back and forth with the Windows key on your keyboard.  In Windows mode, you have all the stuff you’re used to like a red X to close your programs and so on.  But in the iPad mode, you have apps from the *App* I mean Windows store.  They take up the whole screen and are weird to use with a mouse.  For example, you have to drag an app down to the bottom of the screen to close it.  Microsoft eventually wants all programs to become apps, going through rigorous Microsoft approval.  Some developers are telling them to get lost, like the Minecraft guy.  After 2 days, we’re seeing lots of driver problems with a legacy 4000 series AMD HD Radeon card.  The only official drivers out for it are Windows 7.  Here’s a video of the Windows 8 wackiness:


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